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Business Collaboration Evangelist

Software Success Instructor
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Helping You & Your Team Get the Most Out of Your Business Software Investment

Public Speaking, Seminars & Events

I’ll teach your team new and exciting ways to make their business day more productive, efficient and enjoyable

Productivity & Collaboration Consulting

Teaching business teams how to best use their software investment

Public Speaking and Software Success

You have your
team together!

Give your team the knowledge and confidence to be more productive and efficient by unlocking the Full Potential of your Software Investment

Motivational 15 - 90 minute sessions at your conference

Multi-hour seminars and workshops at your conference

Learn time saving tips and tricks when using your productivity software

Always informative and fun - with instant ROI


Public Speaking


Software Instruction

Productivity Software Instruction for your whole team

Business Collaboration

Learn from the guy who’s been teaching collaboration in business for 17 years

SharePoint Consulting

Learn to design and set up SharePoint in days not months

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Tom has been speaking and teaching at events for many years and has a full array of topics and styles to meet your needs and the learning style of your team

Public Speaking - Collaboration and Technology

Your business thrives on communication and technology
Tom can guide you and your team to get the most out of your technology investment
Let’s talk about ways you can improve your use of the powerful tools you have at your fingertips

Short 15 - 90 minute sessions

Your events are jam-packed with sessions and content
Tom will design and tailor custom content to ensure your team leaves with powerful new tips and tricks for using the tools they have access to already
Tools like Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint as well as many other Web-Based productivity tools

Powerful Multi-hour Seminars and Workshops

Perhaps your sessions will allow for a longer multi-hour session to teach powerful new skills to your team
Skills that will leverage your technology investment and allow your team to be more confident and productive

Learn New Time-Management Skills

Of course learning new productivity skills is great
But… what about managing our time more wisely
This is a challenge for most everyone
We have developed a time management course that will guarantee your team will make better use of their time

Collaboration using Sharepoint

Learn to design, build and implement a successful SharePoint environment in just days, not months
Tom has taught people from all sorts of businesses to do just that since 2001

About Tom

“Watching faces and eyes light up”
“Seeing the joy when they realize their business life just got easier”
“Hearing the enthusiastic chatter when a tip or trick resonates”
These are a few things that I enjoy about speaking and teaching
The bigger the audience means more faces, more eyes, more enthusiasm, and greater the joy
Joy also equates to learning, which in turn increases productivity

Tom’s Experience

I have been experiencing the joy of the faces, eyes, chatter, and enthusiasm for more than 30 years of speaking and teaching people about technology and collaboration
Give me the opportunity to speak at your conference, summit or meeting and I will give your audience a technology learning experience that will help them be more productive and confident every single day thereafter

How Tom can Help

As a public speaker I recognize the importance of your time and return on your investment which means you are ensured that I am “in tune” to your needs and your desired PER (Perfect End Result)
Using productivity tools such as Microsoft Office and collaboration with SharePoint I will help your audience walk away with valuable information they can use straight away
Helpful information that they will continue to chatter about long after the conference ends

Here are some samples of what you will receive every month in your inbox:

What People are Saying…

“Tom was one of the best teachers I have been trained by in my career.
Thanks Tom!”

“This was an awesome course and Tom is super knowledgeable and willing to do additional research to help answer our questions.”

“The Instructor was excellent! Super knowledgeable and personable. He kept the whole class on site and on-line engaged and participating. I loved the class with this instructor, Thank you!”

“Tom was an amazing instructor. The course was long…3 hours…but he had me engaged the entire time…and I was dialing in remotely. Can’t say it enough how good Tom was as an instructor: patient, funny, great voice.”

“Tom is a great instructor! For being an Excel course he made it really fun, his entertaining personality made it painless.”

“Tom was an excellent instructor. I have not had a six hour course blow by so quick. I would definitely attend another course taught by Tom Vorves in the future.”

You have your entire team together in one place

Let’s make the best of it &
teach them something new

Events and Seminars

  • Public Speaking
  • Enthusiastic
  • Informative
  • Professional
  • Fun

SharePoint Consulting and Training

  • Why use a collaboration solution
  • How SharePoint can help a business
  • The 5 main building blocks of SharePoint
  • How to plan and execute a Successful SharePoint implementation
  • Adopting a new ay of doing business, a better way

Productivity Instruction

  • Microsoft Office
  • Professional Development
  • Time Management
  • Technical IT

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It is rare that we have the entire team in one place

Dozens or even hundreds of your dedicated, talented and enthusiastic team members in one place


Let’s work together to build a short 15 – 90 minute session

Short focused sessions to inspire and motivate with productivity tips and tricks


Custom multi-hour intense seminars and workshops

One to Three hour sessions with tailored content to dove-tail beautifully with the theme of your conference


Together we can teach your team to get the most out of your software investment

You and your company have invested plenty in your software and technology. Give your team the opportunity to make best use of your investment

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