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Teaching business teams how to best use their software investment

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Tom Vorves is a highly sought out Business Technologist Speaker that’s making the complexity of technology simple and doable.

After thousands of presentations delivered to CEO’s, high tech professionals around the globe and the hottest start-up leaders, he gives us the confidence to leverage today’s technology in our favor.

His topics, delivered to audiences in Asia, Europe and many major cities in the United States are a blend of inspiration and focus to meet your business challenges head first.

When you are ready to save money and hours by taking back control of the power inside technology, Tom is the man you need because he has helped many just like you become lean and efficient.


What People are Saying


“The Instructor was excellent! Super knowledgeable and personable. He kept the whole class on site and on-line engaged and participating. I loved the class with this instructor, Thank you!”


“I have worked in technology for over 30+ years, Tom’s presentation shook me up for days. I have never seen such a clear story presentation why functionality is not the key, but usability is the north star. I see how to not stay in an arms race with technology competitors but win the war in the marketplace by solving our problems thoroughly and quickly with good enough technology.”


“This was an awesome course and Tom is super knowledgeable and willing to do additional research to help answer our questions.”


“I could not have asked for a more vibrant and exciting speaker and workshop. Everyone was engaged and now we are even more excited about our future.”

What Makes Tom Great…

Tom started his career in tech and teaching more that 30 years ago. He began as a “Desktop Publisher” using the very first versions of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Soon he found himself not publishing, but instead teaching artists and designers the electronic publishing methods he had learned. He then traveled the country developing a teaching and communication strategy and sharing his computer aided design knowledge with the publishing industry. Being deeply involved with not only teaching new methods of publishing but more importantly new ways of communication, he was able to teach what would be required in the new age of publishing.

Now, Tom travels the country and world teaching communication and collaboration to businesses that are facing a similar situation. New technology and software are emerging and many teams are attempting to use these new technologies with old-school methods and mind-sets. The result is a misuse of technology and strained communication throughout the organization, ultimately resulting in lost productivity and money.

Let Tom show you the path to greater efficiency and stronger communication through a smarter use of your business technology.

What Makes Tom Special

Keynote topics that draw crowds

Innovation workshops that the world’s highest performing companies as well great mid sized businesses rely on

Engrossing energy & humor to ignite learning and reflection

If you are looking to optimize business performance through the sane use of technology then you need Toms hand’s on workshops

After the keynote you could have Tom deliver a workshop customized to your group’s needs

This would mean your team learns the new concepts AND gets to use what they learn moments later, ensuring a lasting memory and certain success

These workshops are 100% customized based on your team’s needs

Tom builds a culture of customer centric behavior and has the insight and experience to “set” technology as the room temperature

He uses technology to get us comfortable so we focus on the true purpose and meaning of the business communication front and center

Models, maps, frameworks, and hands on tutorials turn post-event learning into next actionable steps

Tom brings maps and knowledge along with your business terrain together so we can travel a drivable path to targeted business outcomes

Tom has been speaking and teaching at events for many years and has a full array of topics and styles to meet your needs and the learning style of your team

Public Speaking - Collaboration and Technology
  • Your business thrives on communication and technology
  • Tom can guide you and your team to get the most out of your technology investment
  • Let’s talk about ways you can improve your use of the powerful tools you have at your fingertips
Short 15 - 90 minute sessions
  • Your events are jam-packed with sessions and content
  • Tom will design and tailor custom content to ensure your team leaves with powerful new tips and tricks for using the tools they have access to already
  • Tools like Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint as well as many other Web-Based productivity tools
Powerful Multi-hour Seminars and Workshops
  • Perhaps your sessions will allow for a longer multi-hour session to teach powerful new skills to your team
  • Skills that will leverage your technology investment and allow your team to be more confident and productive
Learn New Time-Management Skills
  • Of course learning new productivity skills is great
  • But… what about managing our time more wisely
  • This is a challenge for most everyone
  • We have developed a time management course that will guarantee your team will make better use of their time
Collaboration using Sharepoint
  • Learn to design, build and implement a successful SharePoint environment in just days, not months
  • Tom has taught people from all sorts of businesses to do just that since 2001

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